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                Academic Communication



                • 2014 International Cotton Genome Initiative (ICGI 2014)
                • International Workshop on Potato Quantitative Traits: Genetic Analysis and Perspectives
                • HZAU-UCD Joint Symposium: From Plant Growth to Biomass Products
                • Symposium on Molecular Biology and Genomics of Fruit Trees 2013
                • International Workshop on Global Crop Yield Gap
                • HZAU-UWA "Joint Centre for Functional Genomics and Crop Genetic Improvement"
                • International Workshop on Global Status of Transgenic Crops


                • International Conference on Egg Science & Technology
                • Sino-EU Symposium on Traditional Fermented Food
                • The 21th Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry
                • 2013 International Conference on Tetrapyrrole Photoreceptors of Photosynthetic Organisms (ICTPPO 2013)
                • International Workshop on Challenge and Strategies for Increasing Rice Yield and Resource Use Efficiency in a Changing Environment - Review and Planning of NSFC-IRRI Collaboration
                • International Wheat Blumeria Molecular Biology & Technology Workshop
                • Symposium on Molecular Biology and Genomics of Fruit Trees 2013
                • Sino-AUS Symposium on Biotechnology and Bioenergy
                • International Annual Conference of CAER(China Agricultural Economic Review)2013


                • The Fifth International Symposium on Persimmon
                • 2012 IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Mathematics, Physical Education and Management(Iccmpe 2012)
                • The Third International Symposium On Bioenergy and Biotechnology
                • The Third International Symposium on Genomics and Crop Genetic Improvement


                • HZAU&TEXAS A&M Sino-US Bilateral Meeting on Food Safety
                • The Second Sino-UK International Meeting on Animal Production and Disease Control & Doctoral Students Forum on Veterinary Medicine
                • 2011 International Symposium on Chips, Computers and Crops
                • The Second International Symposium on Genomics and Crop Genetic Improvement
                • Sino-US Bilateral Meeting on Animal Science