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                HZAU Supports Spring Farming: Classes in the Fields

                Spring is in the air in most part of south China as time comes between the solar terms--- the “Rains” and the “Waking of Insects”. And this also marks the coming of the farming season--- a crucial period for farmers and those engaged in agriculture industry. Therefore, HZAU calls upon the teachers and students to contribute to spring ploughing amid the COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) outbreak. HZAUers answered the calls immediately and voluntarily.

                "This broad bean plant has fungal diseases; downy mildew in the upper leaves and anthracnose in the lower leaves." On February 27, farmer Jiang Yunchong and his wife were discussing pest control with Liu Sisi, a teacher from College of Science of HZAU in the broad bean field in a small village of Jiangsu Province.

                "First of all, we must distinguish between fungal diseases and bacterial diseases, and then find the right remedy!" Holding the "injured" leaves, Liu explained to the old couple patiently.

                As a teacher majoring on pesticide science, Liu began to think about how to give full play to her professional knowledge in assisting the local farmers during her self-isolation. And shortly after it was over, she threw herself into the local spring farming, trying to solve the pest control problems for the local farmers.

                Since local villagers all speak dialects, Liu can only ask her family to interpret for her, and she also made gestures and used analogies to put her ideas across. After conducting several days’ survey in the fields, she recommended the use of carbendazim to control fungal diseases, and agricultural streptomycin, a kind of biopesticide, to control bacterial diseases that occurred on pepper.

                “No practice, no gain in one's wit”, she said, “using what I had learned to guide agricultural production is my largest achievement since the outbreak of the COVID-19.” She hoped that she could conduct her future research more on first-hand information from the fields.

                Liu is only one of those from HZAU concerning issues related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers during the epidemic. Large number of scholars and professors from different colleges are working in the fields, guiding production and providing technical assistance.

                Wang Yongmo, the teacher from College of Plant Science and Technology, made investigation on the number of rice borers who survived the winter and found out there is a big risk of the proliferation of first-generation rice borer. Therefore, he suggested the farmers to kill the eggs by watering during the spring plowing to decrease the insect density. And his statistics has also drawn attention of local agrochemicals enterprises.

                He Qigai, a professor from College of Animal Sciences & Technology / College of Veterinary Medicine, conducted an online training for Xinjiang Tecon Animal Husbandry Bio-Technology Co,.LTD, which was attended by more than 225 participants. He wished to boost people’s confidence to fight against the epidemic and promote the reproduction of live pigs in this way.

                Zhang Xuezhen, a teacher from the College of Fisheries, worked out the investment project plan for Guose Cold Water Fishery Development Co. Ltd, guided the work of disinfection and classification of fish ponds, and helped the owners of some local fisheries to purchase feed.

                Meanwhile, liberal arts teachers of HZAU, such as Xiong Hang and Xu Xiaoyun, have provided their own intellectual support and policy suggestions for spring ploughing preparation during the epidemic.

                In addition, HZAU’s students have played an important role in preparing for spring ploughing. For instance, Sun Xiaopeng and Han Suwen were busy pollinating corn at Hainan Province’s South Breeding Base during the spring festival. They chose to stay at the Base and carry out the scientific research in spite of restricted transportation, short-handed technicians, limited academic resources and shortage of daily necessities.

                Diligence brings spring back earlier. Members from HZAU are repaying the land in spring with their knowledge and intelligence. In this picturesque early spring, they are jointly giving a great lecture in the fields.

                Translated by: MTI students
                Supervised by: Wang Xiaoyan