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                Benyu Volunteer Team Plays Its Part in Virus Fight

                Benyu Volunteer Team of Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU) has always followed President Xi Jinping’s earnest instruction “standing with the motherland and devoting to the people”. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, they have undertaken their missions amid the epidemic prevention and control, showing youth’s sense of responsibility in the new era with actions.

                Helping Tutor Children of Medical Workers

                On the evening of February 28, Wang Shijing, a teacher from the Youth League Committee of HZAU, received a letter from He Zijie from HZAU hospital to express her gratitude to volunteer Qi Ying.  

                Qi Ying is tutoring He Zijie’s son.

                He is a frontline medical worker from HZAU. She hasn’t seen her son for a month owing to her busy work in fighting against the epidemic. And she felt worried about his study. Luckily, at that moment, the volunteer Qi Ying promised to provide online tutoring for her son every day. Under Qi’s help, the boy has made a progress in study.
                Qi is one of the 914 volunteers of HZAU who participate in the initiative “Online Tutoring the Children of the Frontline Medical Workers”. Beside online tutoring, they also offered mental comfort, guided reading to the classics, daily vocabulary learning and etc. for 210 children of frontline medical workers in Hubei province. They even have specially filmed a series of clips about nature science, traditional culture and art appreciation in order to enrich those children’s extra-curricular life.

                Various Online Classes

                The young volunteers of HZAU offer online service to the children of the frontline medical workers from different parts of Hubei Province, relieving their worries about their children.

                Popularizing scientific knowledge online

                Since the outbreak of the epidemic, volunteers have a shared concern about how to help community residents to avoid the epidemic effectively and enrich their home-bound life.
                Youth League Committee of HZAU launched the online activities of science popularization. More than 63 volunteers made over 60 clips concerning food safety, healthy lifestyle, handcrafts making, etc under the guidance of teachers. With a purpose of advocating the scientific ways and healthy lifestyles to protect people amid the epidemic and, those clips are pushed to more than 9,000 residents in 16 communities.

                Science-popularization Videos

                Wang Rongrong, a student from College of Food Sciences & Technology of HZAU, is the producer of the video “Disclosing the Mystery behind the wild Games”, which has become quite popular online. She introduced, “Under the help of associate professor Wang Ling, I have repeatedly revised PPT and script just for this 5-minute video. Game consumption must be partly responsible for the outbreak of the epidemic. I hope to help stop trade and transportation of wild animals.”

                Online Teaching for students in Primary School of Guizhou Province

                To make sure pupils in mountainous areas do not suspend school, HZAU’s graduate volunteers offered online classes for 770 students in Guizhou Province. Fan Yikai, a volunteer of HZAU, gave a live class for students in Weimin primary school. And he taught with great patience in their familiar way. Furthermore, he also shares his story of online teaching with other students in HZAU.

                Volunteer Min Jing is the only English teacher of the HAZU Dashi Hope Primary School. On the first day, some parents complained that the open courses are too difficult for their children. Then she decided to give extra tutoring to those students every afternoon.  


                Volunteer Fan Yikai Live Broadcasting Lessons

                During the outbreak, volunteer Xu Peilin not only worked as the online voluntary teacher, but also “the pig breeding technician” for villagers in his hometown Badong County, west of Hubei province. After examining the pig farms, Xu offered some professional suggestions on how to disinfect the pigpen and how to feed pigs.
                From the Internet to the field, the young volunteers of HZAU are constantly forging ahead. Motivated by the school motto “learn and practice, achieve and help achieve”, they have always been dedicating themselves to where our country and people need most.

                Translated by: Wang Yan & She Yueming
                Supervised by: Guo Haiyan