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                Professor Dong Yunwei Attends Online Academic Lecture of HZAU

                At the invitation of HZAU, Professor Dong Yunwei of Ocean University of China delivered an online academic lecture entitled “Geographical Distribution and Mechanism of Intertidal Zones under Climate Change” on March 20. More than 100 faculties and students participated in the report which was presided over by Professor Li Dapeng of HZAU.

                Professor Dong, specializing in the intertidal ecology, started his report with introducing the impact of climate change and human activities on the biogeographic distribution of the intertidal zone. Then he brought up the core scientific topic of the talk: changes in biogeographic pattern as well as the physiological and evolutionary mechanisms. Therefore, he elaborated on the research achievements his team has made in this critical area, for instance, changes in intertidal biogeographic patterns and their driving factors, significant differences between species composition and alpha diversity of seawall biocenosis and natural rocks, as well as construction and application of the temperature adaptation model for intertidal creatures.

                Combining with the research work carried out by his team in physiology and ecology, Professor Dong presented the relevant research thoughts and experimental methods in this field. He said: “long-term environmental and ecological observations serve as a base for revealing the ecological effects of climate change. And field observations and experimental stations are the key platforms for biological research on climate change, which enlightens us so much as we’re doing the biological research”. After the report, many participants were highly motivated and exchanged their opinions with Professor Dong with respect to some hot issues and technical matters.

                Online Academic Lecture is not only a new form of academic communication during the epidemic period, but also an exploration to have academic and cultural exchanges by employing the Internet Plus.

                Speaker Profile:
                Dong Yunwei, receiving his PhD in ecology from Beijing Normal University in 2002, is a Distinguished Professor of the Fisheries College of Ocean University of China. Professor Dong engages in intertidal ecophysiology with specialization mainly in the impact of climate change and human activity on intertidal organisms’ geographical distribution and its physiological mechanism. He has published 48 academic papers as the first or corresponding author in many international major journals, such as PNAS with 1,100 times of other-citing.

                Translated by: Liu Yuhan
                Supervised by: Pan Buhan