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                HZAU Participates in MOE’s Video Conference on the Reopening of Universities and Colleges amid COVID-19

                On April 30th, the Working Group Office for COVID-19 under the Ministry of Education held a video conference on the prevention and control of epidemic to prepare for the reopening of  universities and colleges. The conference aimed to help various colleges and universities to ensure scientific and effective epidemic prevention and control as well as safe and orderly reopening of campuses. Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of Physical, Health and Arts Education of the Ministry of Education, presided over the meeting and made a concluding speech. Guo Gangqi, vice president of HZAU, also executive director of epidemic prevention and control commission of HZAU, participated in the conference in a parallel session together with relevant personnel.

                At the meeting, the representatives of Jiangsu Education Department, Qinghai Education Department, Zhejiang University, Xidian University, Lanzhou University and Xinjiang University made online speeches successively. Wang Dengfeng pointed out: “The epidemic prevention and control in colleges and universities faces great challenges. We should continue to be cautious about the pandemic prevention and control and make it a routine while reopening campuses, help the education and teaching activities return to normal, and make sure to follow the principles of “Strictness, Investigation, Prevention, Control”. “Strictness” means strictly implementing the “Five Dos” and “Three Don’ts” proposed by the Ministry of Education, dynamically analyzing and judging the development of the epidemic, and making unremitting efforts to protect campus safety. “Investigation” means studying the nature of things, understanding various situations, information and policies, and making sure to be clear about the family situations, the number of people and policies. “Prevention” means preventing emergencies, secondary disasters and sluggishness, and scientifically making prevention and control plans and emergency response plans. “Control” means controlling gathering, flow, quality and safety, and doing all sorts of risk investigation and prevention carefully all the way.”

                After the video conference, Guo Gangqi put forward requirements to implement the essence of this conference. He suggested: “ After more than 100 days of joint prevention and control as well as group prevention and control of teachers and students of HZAU, we have made  hard-won achievements in campus epidemic containment, but we must continue to consolidate the prevention and control and realize the normalization of prevention and control practically from every aspects.”

                It is necessary to make overall epidemic prevention and control as well as preparations for the reopening of university in accordance with “Three in Place”. First, put measures in place. HZAU should strictly abide by the “Three Red Lines” set by the Ministry of Education on reopening of campuses. That is, universities cannot resume normal activities before the epidemic is under control, before universities and colleges take sufficient measures to contain the epidemic, and before the public health safety of teachers and students is under protection. HZAU should make adequate preparations scientifically and pragmatically. Second, put work in place. It is necessary to make preparations for plans, management, teaching and service centering on “Teaching and Learning, Prevention and Treatment, Eating and Housing”, so as to establish a campus management and control model that is consistent with the requirements of normalized epidemic containment. Third, put responsibilities in place. All organizations must shoulder their main responsibilities, embrace respective responsibilities, act proactively and make sufficient preparations, so as to ensure the safe and orderly reopening of our university.

                Translated by: Yang Fengxia
                Supervised by: Pan Buhan